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Parcel/Label Certification

UPS (Direct): If you have a production account with UPS, label certification may not be necessary. If you are implementing a new production account, UPS asks customers for examples of shipping labels for each service level. These shipping labels can be generated out of Ship/FX. This process is quick and labels are rarely rejected, as Ship/FX gets the label directly from UPS via our API.

FedEx: All shipping labels for the selected shipment service levels must be printed and submitted for FedEx approval. A test account can be used for this. Approval is usually given within a few days. Ship/FX gets the shipping label directly from FedEx through the API. For more information on the certification process, consult the following resources:

(1.6.2   Certification)

(13.6     Label Review Checklist)

(Step 7. Generate and Submit Test Labels)

Pitney Bowes – USPS

Produce two sample production labels for USPS shipping. Forward them to Pitney Bowes and void them for postage credit. Minisoft can assist you in the submitting of the labels. Typically, approval is a formality and takes a few days.

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