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eFORMz Specs (eFORMz System Requirements)

System requirements and hardware recommendations for eFORMz are available here: System Requirements/Specs

Product features for eFORMz are available here: Product Features

Contact Minisoft for exact hardware requirements based on the quantity and type of printers being used. Application support is extensive and there is detailed documentation available for how eFORMz integrates with a number of software application systems: Creating Outbound Shipping Documents. eFORMz integration is discussed in the following post: How does eFORMz integrate? eFORMz system architecture is available here: eFORMz Architecture. To get started with eFORMz, please view the Getting Started Guide.

Recommended Java Versions (As of 2022)

Java 1.8 minimum. eFORMz will continue to work on Java 1.8 and any version after Java 13

64-bit operating system with current patches installed

Windows install: Java 1.8 is automatically installed with the eFORMz installer program.
iSeries/AS400: Both V5R4 and V6R1 only support Java 1.6. V5R4 is out of service life. V6R1 is out of normal life and will be off extended support 09/2018. We recommend V7R1, which is the first release to support Java 1.8.

Managing peaks

When Java is running, there are variables coming in and out of scope continuously. Garbage collection, which uses up CPU cycles, occurs more often during a large peak. When it occurs, if it gets low on memory, it will use up CPU cycles to get memory back. This could increase wait times. In severe cases, threads could be lost while garbage collection tries to allocate memory. Users may find it necessary to increase memory and/or allocate as much memory as possible to the heap space to prevent garbage collection from occurring when someone is busy. 

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2 comments on “eFORMz Specs (eFORMz System Requirements)”

  1. Jeff Mitchell

    Currently running eformz on IBMi V7.2, but will be upgrading OS to 7.3 or 7.4 in near future. Would we need to upgrade our EFORMZ software if we upgrade the OS ? Your system requirements doc says 7.1 or later. Just want to confirm we don’t need to upgrade your software as well.



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