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eFORMz integration with a shipping solution

There are a number of methods that may be used to tie your shipping solution to eFORMz. For more details, consult the following post: How Does eFORMz Integrate? | eFORMz Integration.

The integration approaches for certain shipping solutions have been documented on this wiki, such as Logistyx, Malvern, Pacejet, Pitney Bowes SendSuite Live, ShipStation and WorldShip.

For more information on eFORMz API management, view the following post: eFORMz API Management (Developer Resources).


Minisoft’s multi-carrier shipping platform, Ship/FX, runs on the eFORMz engine and so it benefits from the same integration capabilities as the eFORMz software platform. For more on Ship/FX, consult the following post: Ship/FX Integration. There are onboarding instructions for FedExUPS and Pitney Bowes (USPS) and information on API SSL Configuration for Ship/FX.

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