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eFORMz.ini Purpose and Parameters

The file “eFORMz.ini” is used by most of the *.exe applications in the eFORMz_6 folder, including the eFORMz Composer, eFORMz.exe. eFORMz.ini defines:
1. Which Java installation to start.
2. The parameters for the Java Virtual Machine.

The first line must include the Java executable and all parameters because only the first line of the file is processed. If you include carriage returns or line feed characters before parameters, the parameters will not be used. The following line starts Java that is included in the eFORMz installation package and allocate up to 1GB of memory:

.\bin\javaw.exe -mx1024M -ms128M -Dmail.smtp.starttls.enable=true -DWS.RETURN.ERRORS="true"

This will start the current Java, as defined in Windows’ PATH variable, with up to 4GB of memory:

javaw.exe -mx4G -ms1G -Dmail.smtp.starttls.enable=true -DWS.RETURN.ERRORS="true"

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