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eFORMz Upgrade (Migrating eFORMz to Latest Version)

Keeping eFORMz at the current version assures you have the most recent features and improvements available. Migrating from a recent version is usually quite easy, while upgrading from several versions back requires more time for updating projects and additional testing. Migrating from an older version to the latest version is without additional fees to customers who are current on support. If you have not kept current with eFORMz support, contact to discuss your options.

The best migration path is to install the new version on a separate system to thoroughly test your projects before moving it to production. During this time, Minisoft usually can provide a temporary license while you are testing. The following steps are completed in a typical migration:

  1. Download the latest eFORMz version from here. If you don’t have a username, register here first: eFORMz Download.
  2. Contact for the installation password. Install eFORMz on your new server.
  3. Start the eFORMz Composer on your new server, complete the License Activation fields, and click Activate. Send the eFORMz.xml file to Minisoft asking for a temporary license.
  4. Copy your .cfg, .efz, and Printers.xml files from your production server to the new server. If these files point to paths or printers on production systems that you do not want used during testing, you must update the files.
  5. You might need to create and configure an eFORMz Port Monitor port type and the eFORMz service. These are not automatically installed when you install eFORMz. Call Minisoft Support if you have questions.
  6. Thoroughly test your projects on your new server in your test environment. Make any necessary adjustments.
  7. Move your new server onto your production environment and test your projects.
  8. Start production with your new server.
  9. Ask Minisoft Support to make your temporary license permanent. This permanent license replaces your existing license.


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